Service Learning

This semester I carried out my service learning at the SMC Legacy Garden. Working in the garden, alongside garden steward Julie Welch, has been a fantastic learning experience for me. Not only did I gain a ton of gardening skills, but I also realized how important the act of gardening can be on its own. In regards to my research topic, I found that gardening is a wonderful way to help against the endangerment of species, specifically plant species. For example, gardeners can plant threatened and endangered species that are native to the area where their garden is located, and in this way, gardeners become directly involved in plant conservation. As long as people only plant species that are appropriate to the location of the garden, then growing and maintaining those plants is usually quite easy. Furthermore, planting endangered or threatened plant species can attract a great of attention by others who may not usually be interested in gardening, but because the focus is on a plant that may eventually go extinct, people’s interest in the subject may increase and more people may become willing to get involved!

Link: List of Endangered Plant Species in California


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