Personal Reflection

After researching the topics discussed on this site, I have definitely become more aware of the impact humans canpotentially have on the planet. I had never considered how dependent humans are on the natural world, so the issue surrounding endangered species is one that I now feel must be addressed before it is too late to fix. I also had never realized how so many of the environmental issues that currently exist are interrelated. Having researched several of them thoroughly, I now realize that in order to solve one, we must also address the others. Without doing so, solving these environmental issues seems nearly impossible, as they all impact one another. In the future, I definitely plan on doing my part by supporting bills, laws, and government officials who have a concern for the well-being of the environment. I also hope to find an endangered plant species that I can plant over the summer and eventually find a source that will expand my project into one that may possibly contribute to saving an endangered species. Lastly, I will try my best to educate friends and family of the issues concerning the heath of the natural world, and the steps they can take towards making a difference.

Blog #1:

As mentioned on my service learning page, I carried out my service learning in the SMC Legacy Garden. I think that working in the garden was an amazing experience because it is not one I would otherwise have had, and I learned so much from my time spent there every week. At the start of the semester, I was slightly disappointed that I would be working in the garden because it did not seem like it was going to be fun or exciting. Over time, however, I came to love working in the garden. I learned about so many different plant and insect species, and how all of the various aspects of the garden were interconnected and how they were reliant on one another for survival. This realization made me think of my paper and how in writing about the butterfly effect of human impact on the environment, I found that there is a great deal of dependency between almost all of the planet’s species and channels of life. In addition to learning about gardening methods, I feel that what I will really take away from my experience in the garden is a stronger appreciation for nature. It was not until I worked in the garden for a couple of weeks that I really started paying more attention to the environment around me and was able to recognize and appreciate the earth’s natural beauty for what it is. I think it is also important to note that I am not much of an outdoor person, so the fact that I was able to truly come to love the environment and all of nature’s beauty suggests that such could be the case for many others who may not necessarily understand why they should care about nature at all. If more people came to appreciate nature, then I believe that society could finally start taking the steps necessary to make vast improvements and changes in the way we view the natural world. Only then will we be able to ensure the well being of the environment and all life on earth.

Blog #2:

When given the final assignment for L&CS 122, I admit that I felt a bit overwhelmed about the idea of having to dig through all of the environmental issues that currently exist and then choose only one on which to focus. For me this was really difficult because throughout the semester we have discussed so many important themes and ideas regarding the environment that I did not want to neglect anything that may have contributed to my understanding of our relationship with nature. However, I did finally choose my topic (endangered species) and was extremely happy to find during my research that many of the existing environmental issues actually are intertwined, so I ended up learning about several different problems and not just one. This project has been very beneficial for me because it has not only helped me to better understand some of the environmental issues that society is currently facing, but it also has increased my concern and interest in learning more about such problems. This is important because increased interest is one way to raise awareness amongst people in society and to gain support that will make solving the problems more probable. Finally, the other day in class our professor asked us a very interesting question to wrap up the semester, and it was: “What is it that makes you hopeful for the future?” It was interesting to hear everyone’s response because almost all of them pointed to the importance of spreading awareness and increasing interest and concern for environmental issues. I feel that we could not have had a better project to end this class because having to make these websites is a fantastic way to spread awareness regarding problems that are important to us. I think we are all hopeful that in the future, newer generations will be the ones to finally make the changes necessary to improving environmental health and well being.


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