Activism & Social Change

Because humans are primarily responsible for the issues that exist within the environmental world, it seems onlynatural that we be the ones to correct our wrongdoings. One way we can address the issue of species endangerment is by stabilizing the human population. In doing so, we will use less resources that will then be available to other species, and we will also most likely emit less environmental pollutants. Additionally, we can support bills and government officials whose goals will benefit the well-being of the environment, and the species that exist within it. Finally, we can get involved with organizations that aim to protect endangered species and loss of biodiversity, as well as those that work towards spreading social awareness regarding the issue surrounding global climate change, and the consequences life on earth experiences as a result of global warming. It is important for people to realize that everyone and anyone can make a difference, so I encourage all people to get involved in some way!


1. Keep California COOL

2. Biodiversity Laws

3. Endangered Species Laws


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