About the Issue

Many people do not recognize how much of an impact humans have on the environment, but some of nature’s most serious issues are the result of human activity. Global warming, loss of biodiversity, and the endangerment of species are all major issues that stem from daily human activity and life, including human population growth and the release of environmental pollutants (which contributes to many environmental issues).

Growing human population poses a major threat to the environment because a greater population requires more of the world’s natural resources. Increased human population means more use of land for agriculture, which causes displacement of various species, disrupts the area’s natural ecosystem, and provides less environmental space for other species. Furthermore, growing human population suggests that there will be more people in the world to engage in harmful activity that will result in negative consequences for the environment.

The release of environmental pollutants is another human impact that results in negative consequences for the environment. Global climate change, specifically global warming, results from the alteration of the atmosphericcomposition. Environmental pollutants are emitted from greenhouse gases, such as water vapor and carbon dioxide. They are dangerous for the environment because they prevent radiation from moving freely between Earth and space, therefore causing the planet’s temperature to rise.

Such human activity causes global warming and loss of biodiversity, which together lead to species endangerment. It is essential for humans to recognize the damage they are capable of causing on the environment before too many species become endangered or extinct. There are currently hundreds of species, including both animals and plants, that are on the Endangered Species List. In fact, it is estimated that approximately 27,000 different species become extinct every year. This is problematic for not only the human population, but all other species as well because we depend on earth’s ecosystems to maintain human life. According to E.O. Wilson, author of “The Creation: An Appeal to Save Life on Earth,” the human population should be concerned about the well-being of the environment because “earth provides a self-regulating bubble that sustains us indefinitely … This protective shield is … the totality of all life, creator of all air, cleanser of all water, manager of all soil … Upon its delicate health we depend for every moment of our lives” (Wilson, 27). Ultimately, it is our responsibility to makes the necessary changes in order to ensure that healthy life on earth can continue for as long as possible for as many species as possible.


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